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On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> In re: MONTHLY REVIEW, vol. 47, no. 3, July/August 1995, special
> issue: "In Defense of History: Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda"
> John Bellamy Foster's article "Marx and the Environment" is
> excellent, but I think it is ultimately more useful in refuting
> Green, anarchist, and New Age bullshit than postmodernism.  It is
> the one really worthwhile and informative article in this issue.

	Ya -- I even marked the cover for easy reference on this one...

	I never realized Marx and Engels were such eco-freaks...

> I agree with the sentiments of the other anti-pomo articles but I
> don't think they are anything special.  They raise the standard
> objections to the usual pomo abuses, but they are not the
> strongest or most in-depth treatments of the subject one could
> find, as they are limited mostly to generalities.

	I think the editors declared as much inside the covers: that it
was only a beginning -- not the definitive collection.

> It is easy enough to
> discredit a jet-setting phony like Lyoturd, and none too hard to
> snap Dareiduh's Jacques-strap

	tee-hee...    :>

> My own pet peeve is the au courant opportunist glorification of
> the most execrable elements of popular culture as political
> resistance.  I'm going to hurt the next person who throws gangsta
> rap in my face.

	This whole 'anti-PoMo' analysis has greatly helped me understand
things I didn't like, and knew were decadent, about modern 'culture' --
but couldn't quite articulate, other than being the 'New and Improved'
face of 90's capitalism.

	There's a rather obnoxious TV station in Toronto called 'City TV',
which fancies itself the hippest, grooviest PoMo scene... The discussions
here and elsewhere have helped me place these people and understand their
compleat immersion in the logic of capitalism -- while pretending ever to
be the outsider/rebels...

	Then there's the atomization of the 'Left' into 'micropolitics'
and single-issue advocacy groups, which I see, for instance, on community
radio and in progressive magazines. It becomes more and more clear just
how un-socialist and anti-marxist many of these people we share community
space with really are -- how completely they are accepting the hegemony of
Capital...  :<


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