Specious ideologies & Sacred Cows

robert scheetz 76550.1064 at compuserve.com
Tue Jul 18 21:04:21 MDT 1995

     I gather there is general agreement Environmentalism, Human Rights,
Civil Rights, ...are bourgeois liberal ideology; but, why is it Feminism, which
has proved immensely more damaging to the cause, has been exempted
from even the most basic marxian analysis:
     Demographically the Boomer generation constitutes a crisis in
which, for the female moiety signified a catastrophic curtailment in demand for
her traditional occupation, the labor of gestation and nurturing.  Forced to
a niche in the only other available, wage labor, sphere....

     Further,  this precipitous devaluation of the capital of human
overies, uterus, testicles, caused them to be now thrown on the market at huge
discount, thence to become broadly available for popular entertainment
consumables....The Sexual Revolution....

   Etc., etc., etc.,... broadening to an encompassing pop cultural critique.

     This was provoked proximately by last Sunday's Masterpiece Theater,
"Body & Soul" which purveyed misandry with as much assurance as it were
treating of any generally acknowledged degenerate group.

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