self interest v. collective interest

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Tue Jul 18 21:19:16 MDT 1995

I'm with Carroll in that I don't know what the Kamikazi thread is all about
- some detail of some point someone was trying to make on something else I

In any case self sacrifice for the good of the group can also be found in US
military culture. When I was in basic training in the army, during hand
grenade training we were taught to jump on unexploded grenades if they fell
in our foxhole and others could be saved. You read right (Vietnam era) we
were taught this was the thing to do. Maybe, in part, I didn't make it
through basic and ended up in the stockade because I said on the contrary I
would advise picking it up and throwing it at the nearest officer bunker.

But such self sacrifice was somewhat common in WWII in the fight against
fascism by both US and Soviet GI's and *did* make a definite contribution to
saving us from fascism at that time. In other words an example of rational
self sacrifice for the greater collective good of the working class.


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