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Tue Jul 18 20:39:07 MDT 1995

I fear one can never be too clear.  Indeed, I was rather vague
about the extension of my attack on Cultural Studies, though I did
leave a more than a hint at the end when I specificied their
harmful role in the _USA_.  No, I have no grudge against the
British Cultural Studies people -- Stuart Hall and Raymond
Williams -- no grudge at all.  My attack is directed at what
Cultural Studies is becoming in the United States, which of course
supports the venality of several other nationals as well.  Yes,
Cultural Studies in the USA is different than it is/was in

This stupid little prick Steve McDonald only strengthens my
resolve to see these people get what's coming to them.  As to
_whose_ wordplay is positively childish, I suggest you smell
Lyoturd's drawers and Dairyduh's Jacques-strap once again.  As to
whether I should 'get over it' (a venerable line you stole from
our beloved mayor Barry, anopther fitting role model for you),
your university affiliation alone discredits you, Miss McDonald.
Please tell me what you know, what experience you have in raising
black children; then I'll better be able to judge your
qualifications for holding up gutter ignorance as revolutionary
politics.  I assume you are just another useless academic parasite
until proven otherwise.  Really, a defender of gangsta rap and you
can't see why some of us are so hostile.  You've had your head up
your Dept. chairman's ass too long, buddy.  University of
Connecticut, indeed.

Thanks Jim and Jukka for the feedback.  I'll let you know what I
think of Assthusser's 'Ideological State Apparatuses' when I read
it again.  BTW, I read the first 20 pages of Slavoj Zizek's book
-- I think it was TARRYING WITH THE NEGATIVE -- in a bookstore
while I was out of town: I thought it was absolutely worthless,
but please educate me if I missed something.

Have you kicked a French intellectual today?

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