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Urgent Action

On June 28, 1995, a group of 60 peasants were brutally assaulted by
security forces from the state of Guerrero, resulting in many deaths
and various wounded.

Jos'e Manuel Rodr'iguez Pino, one of the ten police officers on motorcycle
accused by the State Attorney General of participation in the massacre
in the municipality of Coyuca de Ben'itez, declared before the Public
Ministry that two and a half hours before the shooting broke out, the policemen
involved had surrounded the place through which the members of the Peasant
Organization of the Southern Sierra would pass; he also testified that this plan
of action was organized by the operating director of the State Public Security
and Transit forces, mayor Manuel Moreno Gonz'alez, who some months
before had participated in another act of violence against local peasants.

As a result of this recent incident, according to information sent directly
to the Mexican Commssion for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights,
17 people died and 23 were wounded.

The Guerrero State Authorities have attempted to implicate their victims
in the instigation of the confrontation by placing arms bext to several of the bodies
of the murdered peasants.  However, the testimony of the survivors, the marks
of the "bullets of grace," and the declarations made by detained officer
Rodr'iguez Pino all clearly indicate that this incident was a case
of pre-meditated ambush.


The state of Guerrero has long been the site of human rights abuses committed
by local authorities and security forces, mainly in response to disputes over land.
The victims of such abuses are frequently indigenous people and peasants.
The powerful connections which often exist between landowners and local
authorities place bothe peasants and indigenous people at a higher risk of human
and legal rights violations.

On September 14, 1994, members of the Guerrero State Council for 500 Years
of Indigenous Resistance were attacked by administrative agents of Public
Security when they encountered a sentry of guards at the front of the Municipal
Palace of Chilpancingo.  As a result of the ensuing denunciation distributed
by the representatives of this social organization, the National Commission
of Human Rights addressed Recommendation 32-95 to the state governor,
Ruben Figueroa; in this Recommendation, the Commission raised many issues,
among which was that of the suspension of Mayor Moreno Gonzalez
for his presumed involvement in the September 14 incident.

It is obvious that this Recommendation was incomplete in its suggestions
regarding the suspension of the public functionary in question.

Both of these incidents call for immediate responses.  Without public
exposure of these state crimes, the inhabitants of Guerrero are likely
to continue to suffer at the hands of  local security forces.

Justice must be served.  We call for a thorough investigation of the facts.
We demand that those responsible be punished to the full extent of the law.

The peasants  deaths are the following:
Tom'as Porfirio Rondin
Amado S'anchez Castro
Fabi'an Gallardo Garc'ia
Francisco Gervacio Rogel
Heliodoro L'opez Vargas
Paz Hern'andez Gonz'alez
Daniel L'opez Castaneda
Victorio Flores Balanzar
Climaco Mart'inez Reza
Mario Pineda Infante
Anacleto Ahueteco Coyote
Jos'e Rebolledo Gallardo
Gregorio Analco Tabares
Efra'in Vargas
Florente Rafael Ventura
Simplicio Mart'inez Reza
Francisco Blanco Munoz

Please direct your appeals to the following authorities:

Lic. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Le'on, president of the Republic.
FAX: (525) 515 4783

Lic. Vicente Aguinaco Alem'an, president of the Supreme Court of Justice:
FAX: (525) 522 01 52

Lic. Ruben Figueroa Alcocer, governor of the state of Guerrero.
FAX: (747) 2 30 72

Lic. Antonio Alcocer Salazar, attorney general of the Justice Department.
FAX: (747) 2 23 28

Lic. Jorge Madrazo Cuellar, president of the National Commission of Human Rights.
FAX: (525) 681 71 99

In addition, we would greatly appreciate copies of any appeals sent:
Comisi'on Mexicana de Defensa y Promoci'on de los Derechos Humanos
e-mail:  cmdpdh at
FAX: (525) 669 40 76

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