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>	Uhm, I thought the reason we didn't want to use mongoloid anymore
>was because the term is also used to refer to people with Down's Syndrome,

The why we use mongoloid for people down has the same linguistic roots of
other absurdities: cultural dominion of western, white european people.

>	But this seems to be a rather pointless discussion. Just call
>people what they ask you to call them, if they object to what we usually
>call them. It's like the whole "Native American" thing. The term was
>invented by white liberals. And it's just as incorrect as Indian, since
>before this land was conquered, it wasn't America. America is an European
>invention, the land that came after the conquest. And so, many, if not
>most, American Indians, still refer to themselves as Indians.
 The reason for indian tribe is, I thing, in marking their condition of
people dispossessed of everything, the name too.

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