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Wed Jul 19 13:47:34 MDT 1995

I have not read much analysing the political
role of Marxist intellectuals in Western
Europe and the USA. I am interested how Marxist
intellectuals working in Universities see
themselves and how they see their relationship
to the working class.

The following questions suggest themselves to me:

1) Have intellectual discoveries by Marxists
in Universities contributed to the class struggle?
What are the examples?

2) Why do state sponsored institutions like
Universities pay people to be Marxists?

3) Are there as many Marxists who are rooted
in 'the working class' as there are in the

4) Are the Marxists in the Universities
closely linked to workers in struggle?

I'm not out to slag off University based
Marxists - but it does seem to me that
there are paradoxes here that it would be
worth hearing discussion of. Clearly, in some
sense University based Marxists are 'of the working class' -
they certainly aren't big share holders - but many
might feel that they are not intimately involved
with the struggles of the working class which -
as Marxists - is presumably something they
have considered at length.

Will Brown   Bristol   England

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