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Wed Jul 19 09:00:40 MDT 1995

So, has anybody defined "mongoloid" yet?  I'm not sure it is such a
crystal-clear indicator of exactly what "peoples" / ethnicities /
geographical geneaology  that JimJ originally referred to ... even if
it were free of its history as a "neutral" term to describe Down's
Syndrome, a genetic form of mental retardation.


>>> Jim Jaszewski <ab975 at>  7/18/95,
08:35am >>>
> >	Maybe you'd prefer 'sinoid'??

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:

> I remember you that the term "asiatic" is eurocetric because
originally it
> was named Asia by  greeks and romans only a little part of ancient
Turkey, Europe is an > appendice of Asiatic continent and there is no
reasonable cause, out of a > political one, for considering it an
autonomous continent.
> European doesn't exist and asiatic does't mean anything of
> Nello

JimJ:	P.S.:  The reason I didn't use the perhaps less objectionable
'mongolian' (cum 'caucasian') is that mongolian is an actual
nationality-- in asia... :>

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