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It is hard to answer your post with dignity, but I'll try.

>I fear one can never be too clear.  Indeed, I was rather vague
>about the extension of my attack on Cultural Studies, though I did
>leave a more than a hint at the end when I specificied their
>harmful role in the _USA_.  No, I have no grudge against the
>British Cultural Studies people -- Stuart Hall and Raymond
>Williams -- no grudge at all.  My attack is directed at what
>Cultural Studies is becoming in the United States, which of course
>supports the venality of several other nationals as well.  Yes,
>Cultural Studies in the USA is different than it is/was in

Great, whatever.

>This stupid little prick Steve McDonald only strengthens my
>resolve to see these people get what's coming to them.  As to
>_whose_ wordplay is positively childish, I suggest you smell
>Lyoturd's drawers and Dairyduh's Jacques-strap once again.  As to

You are here responding to a mail message I sent to you privately, off-list.  I
am worried that the others will not get how atrocious (that means bad) I must
have been.  In any case, you have made this public and I am ok with that if
you are.

>whether I should 'get over it' (a venerable line you stole from
>our beloved mayor Barry, anopther fitting role model for you),

No, I stole it form an Eagles' song.  Its a new song, but then again I
have a feeling you don't know much about the music industry these days.

>your university affiliation alone discredits you, Miss McDonald.

You're sexist too?  How sad.  Let me explain:  you call me Miss, as if being a
woman is bad.  That is a sexist disposition.  It offends me, but it is not a
personal attack.  Try insulting my appearance or calling me dummy.  That way
you insult me directly without sexist implications.

>Please tell me what you know, what experience you have in raising
>black children; then I'll better be able to judge your
>qualifications for holding up gutter ignorance as revolutionary
>politics.  I assume you are just another useless academic parasite

I have worked for 10 years in a Residential Treatment facility bringing up
children of all ethnicities (not just black, you see) into a world populated by
bigoted, prejudice people  (maybe you know one youself).  Most of my kids are
gang members, and more than my fair share have died.  I hope your experiences
have been nearly as relevant.

>until proven otherwise.  Really, a defender of gangsta rap and you
>can't see why some of us are so hostile.  You've had your head up

Um, Gansta rap is only one version of rap.  Are you equally sour about them
all?  Or should everyone listen to the music you approve of?

>your Dept. chairman's ass too long, buddy.  University of
>Connecticut, indeed.

UConn is a fine school.  I have never met the department chairman.  I spend
very little time at school.

>Have you kicked a French intellectual today?

Now why would I want to go and do that?

Again, Ralph, if you would like to continue to flame me with juvenille, sexist,
etc remarks, feel free.  But instead of wasting bandwidth, why don't you
respond to me privately.  I'm sure the others are not interested.  Hell, I have
lost interest.  But I must go on, it seems to matter so much to you.


Steve McDonald

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