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>In a message dated 95-07-19 10:27:32 EDT, Nello writes:
>>Am I european like You define him ? Or what can I consider myself?
>The question of how you identify yourself, and whether or not 'European' is
>an appropriate and meaningful form of self-identification, is a different
>matter from whether or not the social category of Europe has a real force and
>power, and has had such evolving force and power for centuries.
>I don't think any serious student of history would contend that Europe has
>its own hermetically sealed culture, separate from the rest of the world.
>Indeed, one of my points was that the very category of Europe developed out
>of historical confrontations of world cultures.

For centuries, in west side and in east one of same ground two civilties
quicker than others like in specular way, european and chinese;the history
of XV century was caratterized by attempts of europens reigns to find better
road to trade with China, because it was  richer and more develope.
Chinese too  called foreigners "barbars" and considered themselves the heart
of civilty; only the conquest of immense richness of american continent
allowed supremacy of western reigns, expecially those ones open on the ocean.
When you talk of european you indicate only these who started to conquer the
(Africa and Asia) in following centuries.
When I say european don't exist I means that there are no reason for
considering Europe
an isolated continent and the definition, culturally and politically, is
only closed to western countries.
Maybe europeans remember again the danger of conquist by mongols of Gengis
Kan when
they began use the term "mongoloid" for down people.

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