marxist intellectuals

Paul Cockshott wpc at
Wed Jul 19 21:02:33 MDT 1995

1) Have intellectual discoveries by Marxists
in Universities contributed to the class struggle?
What are the examples?

        The prime example must be the analysis of
        Peruvian society by marxist intellectuals
        in the 60's and 70's that set the Peruvian
        CP onto a revolutionary road.

        I believe that Italian intelectuals made
        some contributions to the formation of the
        autonomist movement there.

        In general however, such examples are few
        and far between.

2) Why do state sponsored institutions like
Universities pay people to be Marxists?

        Liberalism, and they are pretty harmless
        most of the time anyway.

3) Are there as many Marxists who are rooted
in 'the working class' as there are in the

        Internationally there must be far more
        working class marxists than marxist

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