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Wed Jul 19 16:48:37 MDT 1995

Well, Scott, I thought we understood each other, or at least had a
friendly truce.  I had no snide intent at all in my reply to your
post.  And your 'high blown' escalation baffles me thoroughly.

I think my mistake was assuming that you meant to add into the
pre-existing thread in the way that I saw it going on, in a way that
your post seemed to fit.  But now I can see that you didn't.

The next time that I mis-read you, please give me any benefit of
doubt that you can find.  For instance, I don't see what looked
"self-serving" about my snipping, perhaps because I don't know what
you thought my bad intent was in doing it.  I thought I was just

If I had something to say, do you really think I would be that

Judging from some of mine and the rest of your post, if I dare, it
seems that you and I may be on the same or a similar side in this
thread... again.  Can we stand it?

With love,

>>> Scott Marshall <Scott at>  7/19/95, 04:07pm >>>
>So, we can trade anecdotes forever, but I don't think it is going to
>change anybody's mind, nor should it.
I'm lost. What are we trying to change anybody's mind about? Why be
snide about antidotes? Don't life experiences shape what we think to
a degree? Not 'high blown' enough for you?
>I'd rather ask Scott to explain what he means by "rational"
>self-sacrifice and how his grenade example would benefit the
No big import to rational, I just meant that rather than being for
religious reasons or for vague idealistic reasons, people in WWII who
did this did it to save their comrades. I would say that the defeat
of fascism was on the whole good for the working class.

PS. It's somewhat self serving to snip my response to the training I
was given, which was very much the response to the training from most
of the guys in my training cycle. Hardly anyone bought into the
bullshit. And while I was in the stockade I met several guys who shot
or blew up officers.
'Fragging' was quite a bit more widespread than the army is/was
willing to admit.

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