Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Wed Jul 19 19:43:32 MDT 1995

Sorry Miss Steve, but I've little time to waste on you, so I'll
limit myself to this abstract of a riposte.

First, you little hypocrite, who dares to defend gangsta rap, the
most mysogynist subculture in human history while doing his
liberal whining thing about my "sexism": I got this "Miss" thing
not from my phallocratic forbears but from a gay black literatteur
I knew back in Buffalo who used to make fun of other males,
especially macho sexist black male homophobes, by calling them
"Miss" (for example a Muslim jazz musician we both knew he called
"Miss Rashid", sending him over the edge).  Your crybaby phony
anti-sexist routine still comes off as middle-class academic
dweebery, although it looks like you actually have some real-life
experience, much to my surprise.

Secondly, I'm glad you have some real contact with the great
unwashed from apprarently not so safe a distance, including gang
members.  That's a very do-gooderish thing to do, and I laud your
fortitude, given the fact that while I had contact with the dregs
of society since before you were born (so I suppose), such contact
has never been voluntary, since I have never had the luxury of
being a do-gooder.  I'm a marxist but not a liberal nice guy, and
my basic need for survival puts me into direct opposition and
intolerance toward the scum of society.  I'll not detail my
experience but I'll just give you a checklist: (1) victim of
lumpen violence since before you were born, (2) doing ballbusting
minimum wage physical labor as co-worker with ex-cons, hoodlums,
and gangsters (racist white trash and black hoods), again before
you were born (so I suppose), (3) working with juvenile
delinquents or with people who work with them, including teaching
and socializing with such, (4) living in and frequenting high
crime neighborhoods, (5) raising black children in a family
setting and seeing what happens to young hiphopping black males
who hang with the wrong crowd.

Now, before I insist you kiss my ass, let me add that each of us
has a different survival strategy.  It is usually easier to be
tolerant from a safe distance.  Some people have a natural bent or
are tough enough to be able to deal with riffraff and be tough
with them (as is absolutely required!) without being nasty.  I am
not one of these people.  I found it necessary always to
psycholoigically intimidate juvenile delinquents so they wouldn't
think they could get away with anything.  First you have to keep
the animals under control; only afterwords can you afford to be
sympathetic to their poverty, bad families, and all the other
boohoos.  I don't play.  Now some people can be dealt with like
real humans, others are borderline cases, and yet others are
beyond the pale.  It's not always easy to tell, but I am so
intolerant it doesn't take much of a threat of violence for me to
classify someone as irredeemable.  We all have different
threshholds of tolerance, and mine is infinitesimal.  However, in
my experience, which predates the very existence of the rap
generation (I can't remember what the blacks and Puerto Ricans
listened to in those days, but the white trash were heavy metal
fanatics, another abomination), I have always made it a point
d'honneur never to acknowledge the validity of any perspective
that riffraff have on anything, least of all their so-called
"culture".  In the final analysis, it's them or me, and I choose

So I hope your great empathy towards gang members and your
professional experience are doing some good, because if you can't
reform them, I'll put my money behind somebody who will remove the
threat they represent once and for all.  I wonder how long Lyoturd
or Blowhardrillard would last if you put them in a cage with some
of your wards.

You know, for someone who works with such gritty realities, you
come off as a precious little nerd.  Are you for real, or are you
just slumming?

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