Wed Jul 19 22:05:04 MDT 1995


In closing, because I don't have the energy for your anger for me:

1)  I am for real.  I'm not slumming.  I do not do what I do to be a do
gooder - I do it because because I feel I have only two choices.  One is
to something positive for people and the other is to get my 'nerdy'
hands out of their lives.  I humanly can't disown people;  I was
disowned years ago myself.  The middle class nerd you have been
torturing has never known middle class luxury  You don;t know enough
about me to trash me.  Maybe I find myself in a university now, but only
by sheer luck, and I spend all of my time resisting those who would
happily colonize me.  ANd when I get my degree I'll never be back to a

2)  I wish things wouldn't hve turned out this way.  I found this last
post of yours fascinating.  If you weren;t so violent to me, I would h
ave loved to have listened more to you.  Look, I'm in a university,
where people talk respectfully towards me (well, sometimes). And here
you are sreaming at me and demeaning me.  If you had a point, beleive
me, I would have loved to have learned from you.  But I can't take your
anger and that's a goddam shame because you have so much to say.
Obviously, you're expereinces make me respect you, but its hard to
 maintain respect for someone who clearly hates me because I got middle
class enough to borrow all I could to spend a few years in a state
university to see if there was anything worth learning here.

3)  I'm finished.  If its all the same to you, I will not respond to
your next flame.

Steve McDonald

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