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Scott Marshall Scott at
Wed Jul 19 22:30:57 MDT 1995

>Well, Scott, I thought we understood each other, or at least had a
>friendly truce.  I had no snide intent at all in my reply to your
>post.  And your 'high blown' escalation baffles me thoroughly.

We do Lisa. It seemed to me that you were putting down stories and
experiences as not being a very important form of discourse or argument.
'High blown' is southern vernacular for in the clouds
abstractions....<deadpan> Much on this list is to me very 'high blown'. I
really don't begrudge folks their abstractions, but do take offense to
notions that abstraction is a superior form of thinking or expression. It
may be a higher form, but hardly superior or more precise. And most
importantly we shall certainly survive our agreements....<grin>

with *respect* and love,

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