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On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, aniello margiotta wrote:

> For centuries, in west side and in east one of same ground two civilties
> developed
> quicker than others like in specular way, european and chinese;the history
> of XV century was caratterized by attempts of europens reigns to find better
> road to trade with China, because it was  richer and more develope.
> Chinese too  called foreigners "barbars" and considered themselves the heart
> of civilty; only the conquest of immense richness of american continent
> allowed supremacy of western reigns, expecially those ones open on the ocean.
> When you talk of european you indicate only these who started to conquer the
> world
> (Africa and Asia) in following centuries.

	I think that the growth of the asian 'tigers' -- not to mention
arab oil wealth, etc. -- when compared beside the past century of european
crisis, probably signals the high-water mark of european hegemony...

	We've all grown up with the idea constantly being pounded into our
heads that european culture is the 'non plus ultra' of world history, that
we were somehow 'destined', in our superiority, to rule the world

	I think our present political-economic crisis of accumulation is
signalling a general return to a more asian-centred world. Of course, the
socialist project is about making sure that power is spread around more
democratically -- but we're gonna hafta fight bourgeois hegemony,
_wherever_ its locus...


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