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On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

> After all the Labour councillers in Liverpool were "disbarred" it was then
> relatively easy for Thatcher to go after all the other Labour councils.
> On top of all this, Kinnock and other former Lefts did a Mcarthyite
> witch hunt, primarily against Militant.  The result is the
> neo- U.S. Democratic party of Blair.
> 	So, I belive the lessons are very basic:  solidarity and
> revolutionary Marxism... meaning:  be prepared to take the struggle all
> the way, to risk everything.  Without that mind-set, we'll never win.
> Why this was lacking in the Labour party leadership is a longer
> discussion... .

	The problem with all liberals and social democrats -- and not a
few, uh, marxists, is that they don't _understand_ that the right has
*DECLARED WAR* on us. I think a big part of the problem with 'being
reasonable' (who WANTS to be unreasonable?) is that it slides effortlessly
into appeasement -- and defeat. I consider it to be basically what it is:
cowardice -- lack of nerve...

> 	I think working people are prepared to fight if they are offered a
> serious, alternative program and a leadership that is willing to fight.
> Strength and a chance at winning a better life are attractive to workers
> feeling the effects of capitalist instability and repression.  The
> increase in Labour's vote at that time and place was mainly due to
> Militant and Labour in Liverpool being "uncompromising and Left".

	We shouldn't be afraid to take on the Right, in _any_ forum.
There's too much pussy-footing going around...

	Here in Ontario in the June election, the social democrat NDP was
afraid to call the Tory campaign what it was -- racist, misogynist and
anti-worker. I even called them up in frustration in the last 10 daze, and
told them to come out swinging.  They obviously had cold feet and gave-up
power to the rightwingers without a fight. With a wimper. Those that voted
really went for the Tory 'straight-talk' -- too bad they didn't get to
compare it to straight-talk that was actually cohent and based on the

	Already the Reaganite boot has begun to fall...

	Luckily(?), there seems(?) to be a consensus building on the left
here that is unlike what went before: I sense a REAL mood of bona fide
confrontation coming on; I think the Tories sense it too -- they're
strangely low-key(?) about their cuts. But we'll see where it all goes...


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