Robert Scheetz / Marx on feminism

Thu Jul 20 10:24:22 MDT 1995

Robert says: The [feminist] Movement sustains itself on a mythology
of liberation from an era of male oppression/exploitation.>>>>
(other bits condensed and appended below.)

Oh, I see, like the "marxist/socialist movement" sustains itself on a
"mythology" of "liberation" from an era of capitalist
oppression/exploitation.  I have indeed heard the epithet
"blood-sucking capitalist vampire", read Marx and seen "Rosie the
Riveter" and "The Grapes of Wrath."

Marxian analysis may well provide an "illuminating framework for
making sense" of many phenomena indeed, even for understanding
marxism itself, that I do not object to.  Your particular,
ahistorical, oppression-denial analysis, on the other hand....

An analysis of modern feminism which starts in the 50's has shot
itself in the foot to begin with.  Then, some rigorous thought about
the logical mechanisms which connect your alleged causes and effects
might be in order.  Your view seems to be that feminism as a
movement, with all its alleged goals and activities, is really a
single giant societal birth control mechanism.  How could this
happen?  You say feminists [including male feminists?] have been
duped by a "social engineering program" [invented by whom?] into
reducing pop. growth rates?  How does this work?  Do you also imply
that a higher pop. growth rate would be better for the "working

Surely there are alternative "marxian analyses" of "feminism"?

Still hopeful,

>>> Robert V. Scheetz <ay581 at>  7/19/95, 09:55pm >>>
[snip] The [feminist] Movement sustains itself on a mythology of
liberation from an era of male oppression/exploitation.  You've never
heard the epithet "male chauvinist pig"? never read Shulamith
Firestone? seen "The Color Purple"?

I am out of my depth at any rigorous sociology, as you  seem to
require; but I don't think it exceptionable on this list to offer the
view that the marxian theorem of base/superstructure, the relations
of production determinative of cultural weltanschuung, affords the
most illuminating framework for making sense of the contemporary
phenomenon, Feminism.

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