Rohatyn defends planned economy

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Thu Jul 20 14:03:41 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect

"Most major companies in this country are run on the basis of a one-year
forecast and a five-year plan, and for a simple reason. One needs a
five-year plan to set objectives, but it is imprudent to try to make
hard-and-fast forecasts beyond a single year. To reflect changing
conditions, a five-year plan has to be adjusted each year, and the new
forecast for the following year is used as the basis for the company's
planning. The same process should be built into any long-term plan to
balance the federal budget; but so far I have seen no plausible attempt to
do so."

(From Felix Rohatyn, "The Budget: Whom Can You Believe?", New York Review of
Books 8/10/95)

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