On Bosnia and Popular Movements

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Thu Jul 20 15:20:19 MDT 1995

    It has been often possible for the left over the last 70 years or so to
exert pressure on capitalist states *not* to do something: *not* to go to war
with China; *not* to invade North Vietnam; *not* to send large U.S. forces to
Soviet Union (1919) or China (1945). But it is almost impossible for the left
to pressure the capitalist state to do something in particular. In other words,
the state (capitalist) will always organize whatever positive activity it
engaages in, and we can have no real control over that, even in outline. Hence
a reasonable position, to begin with anyhow, is to presume that any act the USA
takes outside its borders will sooner or later, usually sooner, hurt someone
seriously. If this is the case, then to try to build a movement in support of
the Bosnians would turn out to be counterproductive, certainly in the long run
and probably, almost certainly, in the short run.
        Carrol Cox Illinois State Univ

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