Death of Ernest Mandel

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jul 21 06:16:54 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

I'm genuinely sad to hear of the death of Ernest Mandel. Mandel was a
Belgian Jew who worked with the anti-Nazi resistance during WWII as a
very young man.

He went on to become the most prominent figure in the Fourth
International. I had the opportunity to hear him numerous times during
the late sixties and early seventies and was always impressed with him.

He was a brilliant economist and a so-so politician. I say "so-so" only
because being a member of the Fourth International sort of handicaps you
to begin with.

I have his book "Late Capitalism" at home and am planning to get to it
soon. He is in the grand line of Marxist economists that goes back to
people like Preobrazhansky and extends up to today with Magdoff and Sweezy.

He will be missed.

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