Zepa falls, Britain paralyses UN

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 21 11:09:28 MDT 1995

	You're just repeating the mistakes of the 2nd International at
the beginning of World War I.
	I'll side with Lenin, Luxembourg, Liebnicht (sp?), MaCleane,
Connolly, etc... .
	Also, how are you going to organize Serb workers after you've
supported THEIR genocide at the hands of Imperialism.
	It's a shame that the basic arguments of Internationalism need to
be re-stated again and again but it's obvious from the "theoriticians" on
this list that they do.
				-- Jeff Booth

p.s. I read your book.  Your thinking still reeks of the Healyites and
you're just a liberal.  If you're so hot on starting world war three
then join the fucking army.  Don't drag working class people and our
families into your bullshit.

On Fri, 21 Jul 1995 TimW333521 at aol.com wrote:

> I have for several years now urged a more aggressive policy to resist the
> Serbs.  I feel the major Western powers (imperialists) do not want to risk
> any real form of action simply to defend a people from genocide.  They did
> not fight Hitler because he killed Jews, but because he took over Europe.
>  Since they don't want to act, they exaggerate what is needed militarily.
>  The left, by and large, goes along with this approach, though with a cover
> of denouncing "imperialism"  and demanding that these "imperialists" , who
> have no intention of intervening, not intervene.  It is shameful and
> hypocritical.
> Is there something which could be done at reasonable cost?  Actually Chirac's
> plan is quite doable (Perhaps for that reason it is being rejected by U.S and
> England.  Perhaps it was even offered knowing it would be rejected.)  Is it
> such a big deal to send 1,000 or those reinforcements to Gorazde on American
> copters and support these troops with air power?  Would the Serbs tackle a
> well armed but small force with air power to counter the Serb's tanks?  Don't
> you believe it!  They only like to take on women and children!
> The truth is that Clinton could rally support in this country for such a plan
> IF he bothered to commit himself, fight for it in a TV speech, and campaign
> for it.  He could force England  into line and call Chirac's bluff.
> It is my growiing opinion that the brilliant strategic minds in the West have
> concluded that the only solution to the war now is a Serb victory!  They have
> conceded privately the fall of all the Eastern enclaves and probably Bihac as
> well.  The Muslims will be given a reservation in the center of the country!
> But does the left really care, I ask once again?  Has it bought into a
> populist neo-isolationism?  We cannot criticize Clinton for lack of
> leadership if we provide no answers ourselves!
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