Dialectics and HOW things are related

Fri Jul 21 11:59:36 MDT 1995

Juan I. thank you for your effort and thoughtful response to my post.
But I am having trouble understanding your meaning.  I certainly agree
that Marx is highly critical of Hegel's speculative philosophy, along
with that adopted by Proudon.  However, you have further charged that
Marx is not employing any philosophy or logic, I don't understand what
this can mean.

It seems to me that in the first chapter of *Capital* the real "things"
Marx is discussing, e.g., value, abstract labor, abstract necessary
labor, etc. are categories of thought to represent real relations and
mechanisms about the world, and specifically of the political econnomy
of capitalism.

Thus, if your are protesting because you have interpreted me as
suggesting that Marx is somehow a speculative philosopher(?) I have
either misreprestented my position or you have misinterpreted my position.

If you are suggesting that the "categories" of Marx's *Capital* are real
ontological things or entities, not representations, we certainly
disagree.  Moreover, I simple would in this case not understand your
position, and would like further clairification of your position.  Please
could you explain a dialectical method, without dialectical logic?????

When Juan I. says "For it is not about 'HOW the categories (corresponding
to real referents [things]) are related', but about HOW the real things
themselves are related.  More specifically, it is about appropriating in
thought how the real forms themselves are related, so as to rule our
transforming action upon them as the necessary concrete form that
develops their real relations by relaizing their potencies."  O.K. but
Marx can be wrong, thus, must not his "real forms" be less than the
"real forms as such", and merely represent what he believes them to be.

When you say "it is about apropriating in thought how the real forms
themselves are related" is not this philosophy (logic)?

Hans Despain
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