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Fri Jul 21 19:26:10 MDT 1995

>From the last issue of Monthly Review, I enjoyed very much John Bellamy
Foster's wide-ranging discussion  and Justin Rosenberg's fine review of
Hobsbawn's massive history of the 20th century.  These are the only two
ones which I have read so far.

I am now reading Mas'ud Zavarazdeh's "Post-ality: The Dissumulations of
Cybercapitalism". It is the lead article in Transformation 1: Marxist
Boundary Work in Theory, Economics, Politics and Culture. Maisonneuve
Press. PO Box 2980 Washington DC 20013-2980.

Drawing from the German Ideology, MZ launches a stunning critique of
today's post-al thinkers.  The range is tremendous (from DeMan to Derrida
to Toffler to R Radhakrishnan to...), the comments incisive, the style
fierce.   It deserves a reply, especially from the Rethinking Marxists, the
Socialist Reviewers and others.

There seems to be many other important contributions to this issue.

I look forward to reading replies from critics of the positions advanced in
Transformation 1, Post-ality: Marxism and Postmodernism.  And responding to


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