uns*bscr*b*ng, et al.

Tom Condit tomcondit at igc.apc.org
Sat Jul 22 00:00:42 MDT 1995

Hello, all.  I'm just back from vacation and still unpacking my
backed-up e-mail.  I tried to uns*bsc*ibe from the list on the
grounds that it was no worse than missing my daily papers, but
when I got back, there were 65 messages stacked up! As a
consequence, despite working on it for four days, I'm still only
up to cleaning up Digest 1#262 into readable form--who knows when
I'll actually read them!

I mention this only to pass on a caveat to fellow s*bscr*bers.  I
tried every possible variation on the "Uns*bscr*be" command I
could think of, finally giving up five minutes before I had to
leave for my train when Majordomo informed me that I couldn't
uns*b*rib* because I didn't belong to the list.

The latest info from the Spoons Collective has shown me the error
of my ways and I commend it to the rest of you: Marxism and
Marxism-Digest are, in the eyes of Majordomo, greater ruler of us
all, two different lists.  I was trying to un***scribe from
Marxism when I really needed to *n*ubscribe to Marxism-Digest.
Be warned my example.  Many a brave soul lies asleep in the deep,

That said, I want to SCREAM AND YELL about some of the problems
I'm having dealing with all of these posts.  Like most people who
pay for their own e-mail service, I try to download all the
messages, clean them up with my word processor, and read them
offline.  That's why I get the digest--it greatly reduces the
number of downloads and of those bizarre internet headers that I
have to strip away.  I go through the digests, replacing double
returns with "*q", then I go through again selectively replacing
single hard returns, then I try to edit out at least some of the
repetition.  It's much harder to do it when people reproduce
other people's posts in their entirety, including signature
lines, Seamus' cute little logo, quotes within quotes within
quotes, etc.  After awhile, you start to feel that you already
read absolutely everything in the post or else you're psychic.
This last bunch has been particularly bad, and I would draw
specific attention to the total reproduction by more than one
person of that idiot ad for OWNERSHIP.  Quote it, slam it, but
don't give us the table of contents over and over again, for
gods' sakes!!!

I have many wise posts I meant to send to you all weeks ago
backed up (in unwritten form for security reasons of course).

Hi, Maxine!  Glad to see you on this list.  I think you'll like
it better than you-know-where.

Tom Condit

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