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>## Subject: Save the life of Mumia Abu Jamal
>## Date: 18 Jul 1995 15:56:21 GMT
>## Organization: The University of Strathclyde
>Take a couple of minutes to read this and save a life.
>On August 17th 1995 the US state intends to murder noted
>Black journalist Mumia Abu Jamal.  He was framed for the
>murder of a police officer and convicted by a notorious
>hanging Judge.  He was denied both the resources to mount a
>defence and the right to defend himself.  One example among
>many of the extent of this frame up is the fact that the
>police officer was shot with a .44 bullet, the gun Mumia was
>carrying was a .38.
>A huge protest campaign is taking place internationally by
>people revolted by this latest political murder.  This is
>one tiny but significant addition to this campaign.  We want
>you to e-mail the Whitehouse demanding a halt to this
>execution.  Our target is to have 100,000 people e-mail
>the Whitehouse by August 1st.
>So we want you to do two things.  Firstly e-mail the
>Whitehouse by mailing to PRESIDENT at WHITEHOUSE.GOV.  Secondly
>forward this mailing to your friends and get them to e-mail
>as well.  Please try and avoid sending this mail to any
>one who may have already received it.  Also do not send it
>to mailing lists or newsgroups.  Do not send it after
>July 28th, 1995.
>This e-mail campaign is just one aspect of a much larger
>struggle.  Please join demonstrations where you live and if
>you can't find any consider organising some yourself.  If
>this execution is not stopped Mumia dies on August 17th
>1995.  You can help stop it!
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>To: President at
>Subject: Stop the execution of Mumia Abu Jamal
>I am writing to demand that the planned execution of
>Mumia Abu Jamal on August 17th is halted.
>Thomas. <tdornheck at>

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