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Sat Jul 22 13:30:24 MDT 1995

>And if Jeff asks me why I am more opposed to the fascist Serbs than to
>Bosnians, Slovenes and Croats, even though, as Nello points out, the
>western European governments had their own self-interested reasons
>for supporting the breakup of Yugoslavia, I would say if I were to
>give any one reason, the totally unacceptable treatment of the Albanians
>in Kosovo by the Serbs.
>Jeff's attack on Tim, therefore seems to me probably unfair on many
>counts, but it does have the merit of bringing up to this very date
>the strategic issues that faced would be marxists before the
>first world war and before the second world war.
>If this list is serious about analysing theory to link it with practice,
>we ought to be able to handle this argument with passion but also with
>Chris Burford, London

Since 1970 bosniac president Tujiman wrote about islamization of Bosnia;
in Serbia won against multimillionaire american candidate with a strong
philowestern policy; only 20% of serb-bosniacs follow the fascist policy of
Karadzic and across
Fidonet many organizations send their voice from Zagabria, Tuzla, Beograd
for opposition to ethnic nazionalism  in Yugoslavia asking our support.
The abolition of autonomy in Kossovo shows the weakness of Beograd
government while
the strong passive opposition of Albanians of kossovo shows like it is
possible to build a peacifist way for opposing to nazionalist violence.Maybe
it is a lucky that behind albanians of Kossovo there is only the Albany.

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