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On Sat, 22 Jul 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> analysis of individual experience, something that goes beyond
> identity politics and pop culture and stereotypes, but nobody can
> ever recommend me anything.  I met a philosopher at my local last
> year who recommended Michel De Certeau, but I don't know .....

Certeau, but also Bakhtin, Volosinov, Lefebvre, some parts of Benjamin,
and depending on how old you are, Vaneigm.
> I am well aware of the bourgeois fiction of the autonomous
> individual, but the Althusser-Barthes-Foucault opposition to that
> is to finish off "man" once and for all.  These intellectuals
> think that is radical, but it is social-fascism root and branch.
> And yes, we should oppose French intellectuals -- they are a
> cancer, they are already death.  Let them choke on their own
> constant cultural capital; they've nothing vital to offer to the
> world.  I have seen all this before, and I know dehumanization
> when I can see it.  No wonder CLR James despised the intellectual
> class.

This is just silly. The idea that none of this has any worth. SOme of it
may be symptomatic thought, but it certainly provides a teorietical
expression of hte lived conditions of the current age at the very least.
Look at all the trash Marx read that today is totally passe and
forgotten. While one could say he was wasting his time, isn't it equally
likely that it was from paying attention to these works that he was able
to locate himself historically and do what he did? There is also a lot of
difference between Frech intellectuals  which people gloss over.

> > As for reading
suggestions, I suggest THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY, also > Blake's MILTON.
> "Be permanent, O State, so that we can deliver individuals forever
> more, amen."
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