Nuclear Test Petition

Howie Chodos howie at
Sat Jul 22 14:13:33 MDT 1995

I received this the other day, and now that the original petition has
reappeared on the list I though I'd better post this update from the
originators of the petition asking us to use other methods to register our
opposition to French nuclear testing.

Howie Chodos

>Dear Madames/Sirs,
>   This reply is made automatically.
>   Due to the enormous amount of mails I'm recieving, it is now
>completely impossible for me to answer to your mail. I have some
>1. The chain letter, "Stop Nulcear Tests!" is no longer wanted to
>   be distributed. We have changed our method to collect names
>   of people who are against the Nuclear Tests of France. We have
>   opened a WWW site, and names put down using the easy fill out forms
>   on the site will have the first priority. The adress of the WWW site is,
>   We have much more information there than we had on the chain letter.
>   We have collected 10378 names from 74 countries/regions by Mon
>   Jul. 17.
>2. For those of you who had sent me back the lists, thank you very much
>   for participating in this. We will include your list in our list
>   which is to be sent to Mr. Chirac, but it will not appear as fast
>   as the signs made via WWW. We couldn't help it, but I think there
>   is noone who can manage more than 2000 mails per day. If you want to
>   have your name on the list faster, please try our WWW site. Don't
>   worry about duplications because it is rather easily eliminated by
>   using the sort program. And ofcourse before sending it to Mr. Chirac,
>   it will be very carefully checked.
>3. If you had distributed our chain letter to your friends, thank you
>   for your support, but please try to stop your friends from distributing
>   it further. And also, tell your friends about the WWW site, and
>   tell them to sign via WWW if they want their names on the list.
>   What you should do about the list you have: if you had not yet
>   sent the list back to me, please send it back with only the list
>   part with it. That means, please cut the banner and the sentences
>   away.
>4. About the chain letter: after distributing our first chain letter,
>   we have realized there were many problems in our chain letter,
>   and then, that using chain letter was inadequate from the begining.
>   We have sent our second chain letter to go after the first one,
>   since that was the only way we could think of to stop the first
>   one from spreading. However this is not working so well, and now
>   many sites around world is having unnecessarly high traffics
>   and are getting into troubles.
>   We deeply apologize for having started a chain letter. We hearby
>   declare that we will never ever start such thing and also never
>   distribute one when we recieve other chain letters, no matter
>   what the content may be.
>   If you see anywhere anyplace in the network about this chain
>   letter, please tell people that we have realized the inadequateness
>   of our method and trying our best to stop further distributions.
>5. If you had recieved our letter with only "Dear Sirs" on it,
>   we are very sorry about this. It comes from our poor knowlege
>   of English: in Japanese, we don't have differnt ways to call
>   to Men and Women. Those of you who had added "Dear Madames" or
>   changed it to "Dear people" and so on, thank you for your help.
>   To gather many peoples power was from the begining our scheme.
>6. We have already told all our story to our postmaster, and they
>   have understood us. So, it is no use complaining about us to
>   him. We are trying our best to stop what we have started.
>   Sincelery,
>   Yuichi Nishihara
>   Shimizu Seishi
> both Physics student at University of Tokyo.

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