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Chris Burford cburford at
Sat Jul 22 22:40:09 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

I hate to aggravate people any more than I have to, but I'm going to have
to chime in with Jeffrey on this one (Please don't get mad at me, Chris

I am for humanitarian military interventions but not by imperialist
armies. I think the Tanzanian intervention into Uganda to put a stop to
the murderer Idi Amin was quite supportable. I think the Vietnamese
intervention into Cambodia to put an end to Pol Pot's killing fields was
also supportable.

Chris B:

No problem.
Nothing aggravating about the way you disagree. And anyway
as my last rather long piece shows, I too, am not keen on imperialist
armies. One of the problems has been how the whole question has been
posed in the media: send in "our" troops or not?

This is a reflection of the lack of an independent left wing campaign for
justice in the former Yugoslavia. It is good to hear from Nello about
contacts through Fidonet and demonstrations in Italy.

No, if each time the Serbs shell a "safe" haven, the West dropped another
crate of arms for the defenders, that would start to even up the war on
the basis of justice and local self-defence. Of course that would be
far too democratic a policy for the great powers.

But just in case we agree too readily, Lou, you are not really siding
totally with Jeff, and against the line of the Comintern from 1935
for an anti-fascist united front?

That would be a good argument, its just I might rather hope you could
have it with listers other than me, as I tend to get myself over=extended!



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