Guy Debord -- after his death

Sat Jul 22 21:15:19 MDT 1995

News of Guy Debord's unfortunate death only reached me in April. I understand
it was noted on this list. Those discussions of it do not need to be repeated
for my benefit. However, I am looking for any interesting opinions and for pub-
lished articles about the life and death of Guy Debord and his enduring legacy

        The two I know about but have not yet read comprise:

David Macey, "Obituary -- Guy Debord"; Radical Philosophy #71; 1995.
Scott McLemee, "Prophet of Extremity"; Lingua Franca, V 5 N 3; Mar 1, 1995.

        I also know of two issues of journals with articles influenced by or
critiquing Situationist theory:

David K. Perry, "Implications of a contextualist approach to media-effects re-
search"; Communication Research, V 15; June 1988.

Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, V 14 N 2; Spring 1992.

        And Richard Boon apparently uses it in "Politics & Terror in the Plays
of Howard Brenton". Sorry, location unknown.

        But to get back to my request: I am looking for (posthumous, mostly)
assessments of Debord's thought, life and death. I have heard mentioned two of
which I can't find the date and issue:

Modern Review #19. How do I track down this issue?
Malcolm Imrie, The Manchester Guardian. What date exactly?

        What other articles have I missed that you know of? Those unlikely to
be found in libraries I'd especially like to know about. Them I'll try to buy
and order by mail. And books from the underground press also interest me. You
don't need to fill me in on academic [sic] books that I already know how to
find by interlibrary loan.

        Thanks, if you can help me.

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