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Sun Jul 23 00:36:56 MDT 1995

After recently reading Kruschev's secret speech to the XXth Congress of
the CPSU, my limited knowledge of Russian history has left me with a
question: at what stage did the Bolsheviks become officially
anti-Troskyite? Why?

Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt
Student, Murdoch University, Western Australia

"Where the total, communist fearlessness with regard to the state
and the law is present, the law and its calculable consequences are
of no greater (if also of no smaller) importance than any other
external fact of life with which it is necessary to reckon when
deciding upon any definite course of action. The risk of breaking
the law should not be regarded any differently than the risk of
missing a train connection when on an important journey."
(G Lukacs, 'Legality and Illegality')

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