Nuclear Test Petition

P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU
Sun Jul 23 07:02:06 MDT 1995

Whoa, people: the 2 Japanese students who began this chain letter
have realised the (tactical) error of their ways, and have instead
established a WWW page where individuals can sign their names
directly. You can imagine the amount of email traffic their message
has generated (to the consternation, especially, of their local
network administrator!).

I will attempt to sign on all those who have sent me messages
tomorrow (Monday in Oz, which means Sunday in the US, at which
time the Internet traffic for WWW usage reduces to levels that
make usage from Australia to overseas destinations tolerable).

Steve Keen
PS the gist of this message, of course, is that rather than
"bouncing" this message any further around the Internet, get
in touch with me and I'll add your name to the marxism

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