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Sun Jul 23 07:36:53 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:

I could take a stab at this but I'm afraid the volume would overload
every tcp/ip connection between NY and Australia.

As an alternative, may I suggest 2 must-read treatments of the evolution
of the Bolshevik Party into a Stalinist outfit. One is EH Carr's study of
the Russian revolution in multiple volumes, I'd say check out the one
that focuses on the period of the late 20's to early 30's. The other is
Isaac Deutcher's biography of Leon Trotsky.

PS, are you any relation to the 1980's glam-rocker Adam Ant?

On Sun, 23 Jul 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:

> After recently reading Kruschev's secret speech to the XXth Congress of
> the CPSU, my limited knowledge of Russian history has left me with a
> question: at what stage did the Bolsheviks become officially
> anti-Troskyite? Why?

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