Anti nuclear petition WWW hassles

P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU P8475423 at vmsuser.acsu.unsw.EDU.AU
Sun Jul 23 15:34:33 MDT 1995

I've just wasted over an hour trying to access the Anti-nuclear
petition WWW page. The address I was given:
(and that's a cut and paste from the document, so no typos)
was immediately rejected by my system--without any attempt by
it to send a message (I access my WWW site by modem). So the
authors of the message must have stuffed up with their site

I since tried to find a WWW link to any site in Japan via the
"Popular sites" info on my version of Mosaic--to no avail,
and with much time reading the "reading response" message. I
don't know whether you have a direct (Uni network) access or
not, but the modem access (via PPP) to the WWW is treacle-slow
from Australia.

So I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to ask whether someone with
an acceptable speed direct (i.e., via a University network rather than
via a modem and commercial provider with a PPP site) connection to the
WWW could attempt to navigate themselves to the above address (or rather,
what the above address should be!).

The people who asked to have their names appended to the petition were:

Gerald A. Levy		Visiting Instructor Pratt Institute
Guillermo Cruces   	Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Lisa Rogers  		Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Jim Jaszewski   	Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
James Garrett   	English, California State University, Northridge
John D. Walker  	Philosophy, University of North Carolina
Howard Chodos 		University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.
Steve Keen		University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia
Hans G. Ehrbar		Economics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
ALBANESE, Denise        English, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Jon Beasley-Murray      Literature, Duke U., USA
Elaine Leyda		University of Washington

Sorry to report on a "bumber", but that's often the state of the
"information superhighway", away from the well beaten path of email.
Steve Keen

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