Scott Marshall ksm at wwa.com
Mon Jul 24 10:51:11 MDT 1995


>The SWP opposed WWII as
> an imperialist war, in contradistinction to the CPUSA which
> considered it to be a "people's war". For their outspoken opposition to
> WWII, the leadership of the SWP was arrested under the provisions of
> the Smith Act, found guilty, and received prison terms.

This kind of blows me away Louis.

1) Surely WWII was a war against fascism
which is not *just* another capitalist government.

2) If you believe that the SU was a gain for the working class as you've
said, then how can you not have supported a war to save socialism from

3) Objectivly the SWP played right into the hands of the Bundists and the
America firsters with this line.

4) Virtually all of the people's movements, not just the CP joined in the
effort to defeat fascism - who supports the war is not in itself proof of
its correctness I know but in this case the people, the TU's and
virtually all the rest of the left (unlike WWI and Vietnam) supported the
anti-fascist nature of the war.

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