Louis, Kevin, Leo on state capitalism

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Mon Jul 24 12:43:50 MDT 1995

John --

I know I will run into some orthodox Trotskyist buzzsaw for saying this, but
it appears to me that -- at least at its point of origin -- the 'state
capitalist' theory was really little more than a form of 'left'
differentiation from the 'bureaucratic collectivist' theory which, insofar as
it still spoke of the collective ownership of the means of production, saw
the new class society is the Soviet Union as slightly more progressive than
than capitalism. The 'state capitalist' theory argued for virtual

Part of the problem here is not that one should do not analyses of "actually
existing" (or should we now say "was") Communism, but of the way in which
those analyses are used. The 'third camp' Trotskyists were so obsessed with
this issue that they began the Second World War outside of the anti-fascist
bloc -- it was an imperialist war, they argued, between two imperialist
camps. For years, everytime the Trotskyists would point the Hitler-Stalin
pact to the Stalinists, the Stalinists would retort with a reminder of this
little piece of ideological insanity. If you do not have any particular love
of affinity for either side, it's not hard to see how both groups allowed
themselves to be blinded by ideology.

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