aniello margiotta amargiotta at synapsis.it
Mon Jul 24 21:15:00 MDT 1995

>1) Surely WWII was a war against fascism
>which is not *just* another capitalist government.

WWII was a war agaist imperialist sights of german nazism made by other
countries, French and England, taked in own interests, which didn't make
anything for defending repubblic of Spain by Fascist Franco , allowed
invasion of Cecoslovacchia
and annexation of Austria and had a good consideration of Hitler and
Musollini at first
for stopping comunist danger.US entered for defending its imperialist
interests in Pacific area against japanis imperialism.Two form of
capitalistic imperialism fought.
FASCISM IS  a government used by capitalism when capitalist democracy
doesn't assure the control on social forces.

Who allowed and supported golpe in Chile ? What did western democracy make
to avoid
fascism in '70s in south  America? Was Malvine war a imperialist war or
England fought
agaist Argentina fascism?
Who did impose fascism in Guatemala and other countries of center America
and payed for Contras weapons in Nicaragua?

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