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Mon Jul 24 15:45:35 MDT 1995

> On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:
> > Louis:
> >
> > >The SWP opposed WWII as
> > > an imperialist war, in contradistinction to the CPUSA which
> > > considered it to be a "people's war". For their outspoken opposition to
> > > WWII, the leadership of the SWP was arrested under the provisions of
> > > the Smith Act, found guilty, and received prison terms.
> >
> > 3) Objectivly the SWP played right into the hands of the Bundists and the
> > America firsters with this line.

Scott, you are right here, but only partially. The SWP's position on WWII is
to my mind unfathomable. To not recognize the vast qualitative
diference between fascism and bourgeois democracy, the distance in sheer
horror is political blindness. But, it's the same blindness that the CPUSA
displayed during Stalin's pact with Hitler. Scott, for a loyal CPUSA
member to say that the SWP "played right into the hands of the Bundists and
America Firsters" is totally disingenuous, without mentioning that the CPUSA
did precisely the same thing from Aug. 21, l939 to June 22, 1941, 22 very
crucial months, by the end of which which time most of Europe was
militarily occupied. It was only Hitler's decision to attack the Soviet
Union that made the CPUSA change it's mind about America staying out of
the war against the Nazis.

Rob Frantz
Seattle, WA

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