Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Jul 24 22:19:58 MDT 1995


> Scott, for a loyal CPUSA
>member to say that the SWP "played right into the hands of the Bundists and
>America Firsters" is totally disingenuous, without mentioning that the CPUSA
>did precisely the same thing from Aug. 21, l939 to June 22, 1941, 22 very
>crucial months, by the end of which which time most of Europe was
>militarily occupied. It was only Hitler's decision to attack the Soviet
>Union that made the CPUSA change it's mind about America staying out of
>the war against the Nazis.


I don't think they are the same thing. The CPUSA was in the forfront of the
anti-fascist movement at all times, including the peace - anti-imperialist
period. We were instrumental in organizing the Lincoln Brigades etc. At no
time were we in the position of calling for people not to fight against
fascism. At no time did we obstruct or agitate against war on fascism. And
yes I would say that the attack on the SU profoundly changed the nature of
the situation - it was certainly no longer a fight between imperialist
powers. But we certainly disagree about the pact - to this day I see no
evidence that it was not a nessessary tactical manuever to prepare to resist
Nazism. But we've been through this argument ad nauseum.

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