Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 25 07:57:35 MDT 1995

	What's missing in the discussion about WWII and Yugoslavia is the
fact that there are other ways to fight Fascism than supporting the
Imperialist armies and the national bourgeois of a given country.  The
whole purpose of having an INTERNATIONAL marxist organization is to be
able to coordinate revolutionary activity around the world including
within a fascist country.  Instead of the horrible distortions and
betrayals of the CP in the 30's and 40's (Socialism in One Country,
Forced Collectivization, political murders, slave labor camps, the
Hitler-Stalin pact, strike breaking during WWII, etc., ad nauseum),
physical support for Partisans, coordinated strike activities, embargoes,
people's militias, etc. were and are some of the ways to fight Fascism
from within and without.  The CP made this work very difficult in WWII by
its support for Hitler (see Poland) and its support for Imperialism but some
of it was carried out (paradoxically, some of it within the CP too).
	That's all for now.  I have to go barf after reading all the
neo-Stalinst crap I've seen on this list lately.

				-- Jeff Booth

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