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On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Noah R. Zerbe wrote:

> As this is my first post, I would like to begin with a brief intro.  My
> name is Noah Zerbe.  I'm a second year masters student at Northern
> Arizona University.  I'll get my degree in May, and then its off to a PhD
> program somewhere...
> Anyway, my question is this.  I am working on a paper topic--something on
> the role of the state in political economy.  I'm interested in any
> suggestions you might have on readings on marxism and the state.  I'm
> particularly interested in gramscian or neo-marxism approaches--whatever
> those may be :-)
> Thanks.
> Noah.
This is (nearly) my first post, too, so:  I am Matt Davies, now a
Visiting Professor (member of the professoriat?) at Wabsh College in
Political Science.

There is a huge amount of material on the state in Marxian theory.  A
good secondary source, although maybe a bit dated now, is Martin Carnoy's
_The State in Political Theory_.  For secondary sources on Gramsci, try
Christine Buci-Glucksman (she is a bit Althusserian maybe) or Anne
Showstack Sassoon, esp. her edited volume _Approaches to Gramsci_
(apparently now out of print).  But read Gramsci!  Also, since your paper
topic is about the state in political economy, you may also want to read
Jim Caporaso and David Levine's _Theories of Political Economy_.  There
are a lot of ways of conceptualizing the relations between the state and
the economy, and you will probably want to find a narrower topic for your
paper anyway.

Good Luck,


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