bourgeois feminism

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DIa!?ayyyyyyyy	yyyyyyyyRyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyNDle oppression/exploitation.  You've never heard the epithet "male
chauvinist pig", never read Shulamith Firestone, seen "The Color

I am out of my depth at any rigorous sociology, as you seem to require.
But I didn't think it exceptionable on this list to offer the view that the marxian
theorem of base superstructure, the relations of production determinative
of  cultural weltanschuung, affords the most illuminating framework for
making sense of the contemporary phenomenon "Feminism".

IMS two of the hottest issues of the 50's were "automation" and
"population explosion".  Post-pubescent boomer females were subjected
to an incessant cultural message on the gaucherie of breeding, and the
smartness of "planning" and "the pill".  Overnight the cultural iconography
inverted: Madonna & child nosedived and Maralynn soared.  Opinion
formers did not lack for temerity even to challenge the formidable
anathema of the Catholic mind set, ...and so on...till today's open
advocacy of late term abortions...and the dread drumbeat
carping at Black breeding.  Unremittingly, and with ever increasing
volume, the warning has come from on high:  NO MORE BABIES!

This had consequences.  A certain sub set of females, I don't say
the more aggressive or intelligent, hit upon the
strategy of euphemisation, named it Liberation...and so on.

But now motherhood entails no livelihood, how eat?

And what to do with uterus & co.?

All the mythology and polemic of  contemporary Feminism was
generated defensively by the victims of a social engineering project,
lowering population growth, very dear to the heart of our Big
Burghers over the past 50 yrs, and eagerly devised and implemented
by their Intelligentsia.


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