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>On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Noah R. Zerbe wrote:
>> Anyway, my question is this.  I am working on a paper topic--something on
>> the role of the state in political economy.  I'm interested in any
>> suggestions you might have on readings on marxism and the state.  I'm
>> particularly interested in gramscian or neo-marxism approaches--whatever
>> those may be :-)


There was an issue of the International Journal of Political Economy
devoted to Gramsci, edited by Tilla Siegel I believe.  Her piece especially
was excellent.

Axel van den Berg, 1988. The Immanent Utopia: From Marxism on the State to the
  State of Marxism. Princeton.

Werner Bonefeld, 1992. "Social Constitution and the Form of the Capitalist
   State." In Open Marxism, ed. Werner Bonefeld. London. Pluto

Rhonda Levine. 1988. Class Struggle and the New Deal: Industrial Labor,
   Industrial Capital and the State. University of Kansas.

I have not read them but they seem to be very wide-ranging.  Bonefeld
refers to Joachim Hirsch's mid-70s work which I really liked (maybe it was
those footnotes to Grossmann and Mattick that gave me a kick)

Also see

Walter Daum, 1991. The Rise and Fall of Stalinism: A Resurrection of
Marxist Theory,  (Walter is on this line; if you want his e-mail address, I
can forward it to you).

Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang Wipperman, 1991. THe Racial State: Germany
1933-1945. Cambridge

Eqbal Ahmad, "The Neo-Fascist State: Notes on the Pathology of Power in the
Third World". Arab Studies Quarterly 3, no 2 (Spring 1981): 170-180.

Harold Wolpe, 1988. Race, Class and the Apartheid State. Trenton, NJ: Africa
  World Press.

Tilla Siegel. "Politics and Economics in the Capitalist World Market:
Methodological Problems of Marxist Analysis." International Journal of
Sociology, vol XIV, no 1 (Spring 1984)

Sherman Chang, 1931. The Marxian Theory of the State. Reprint. Russel and Russel

This may be of scholarly interest-- which according to John R Commons, who
wrote the preface, was "the first scholarly book on the Marxian theory of

And here's one with a theme dear to my heart:
Bob Jessop, "Toward a Schumpeterian Workfare State? Preliminary Remarks on
Post-Fordist Political Economy."  Studies in Political Economy 40 (Spring


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