Red/green dialectic

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Wed Jul 26 13:53:26 MDT 1995

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

> 	Fascinating post on Red/Green dialectic!  Something I've been
> interested in for a long time.  Where did you get the information on the
> Soviet Engineer?  Can you elaborate on any concrete actions taken by
> "Eco-Socialists"?  Can you recommend any other books on the topic?
> 	Are you aware of the pro-environmental work some Unios have
> done?  (Including the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union which is
> leading the fight for a Labor Party).

Louis Proyect:
The material on Palchinsky came from a review I posted to the list,
perhaps a year ago, (I often recycle things I write, if you're starting
to get a sense of deja vu) of the book "The Ghost of the Executed
Engineer" by Loren Graham. Loren Graham, as far as I can tell, is not a
Marxist, but writes with great subtlety and sympathy about Soviet science
and philosophy. Someday, I'd like to take a crack at some of his other
books, because the "Ghost" is a winner. (Doug Henwood has my copy of the
book and promised me to read it before the arrival of the millenium.)

Unfortunately, there's no such organized movement as "eco-socialism". In
my own modest way, this is something I will be working for in my doddering
old age. The unions should be in the forefront for a class-based approach
to ecology. Unfortunately, it seems to me that they're hardly capable
of fighting for a decent wage nowadays let alone a transormation of the

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