geography of the working class revisited

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Wed Jul 26 22:12:06 MDT 1995

At the risk of the screams that will ensue, tonight there is news of an
extremely important development in the US labor movement. I believe it will
be announced tomorrow (7/27/95) in the mass media. The USWA (Steelworkers),
the IAM (machinists) and the UAW (auto) will announce merger - it is unclear
but it sounds as if the UMWA (miners) are also committed to the merger in
the near future.

I believe this will create one of the largest metal workers union in the
world. It will certainly be the largest union in the US. Along with the news
comes some low key rumors that the trend will continue in other industries
(dare I say it, including public workers). BTW all the garment and textile
workers are now in one union (UNITE). The - on again, off again - merger
talks between AFT and NEA (teachers) are on again and making progress. There
are other unions also moving in this direction but not yet publically.

This monday there will be a huge rally for the Sweeny reform slate in the
AFL-CIO in Chicago and on Tuesday, Lane Kirkland will offically be removed
(he calls it retiring - 'but the pressures the thing wherein we've changed
the conscience of the king'). Important new orgainizing strategies are being
developed for reorganizing the old and new mass production industries. It
won't be a simple reenactment of the CIO days, but something at a higher
level is in birth, me 'earties. Strap on those running shoes and organizers
head gear the battle is being joined. ...'for the wheels just in spin and
there's no telling who that's it naming. But the losers now will be later to
win, for the times they are a changing.' It's going to be time for Marxists
and radicals in the US to put up or shut up. Doesn't it just make the cynics
want to puke.

Ah well... so much for those tired old worn out class struggle
concepts...... shit maybe Marx and Lenin were right after all...<deadpan>.
Besides this is all pretty tame stuff with no big reference work or experts
to refer to....can't be happening...<grin>. Give it time, not right away,
but this thing just might even rock some in academia....praise the laptops.


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