Circle of Peace - Bosnia

Heidbra Jonsdottir, HDC hejo at
Thu Jul 27 06:47:50 MDT 1995

To MARXISM (and I send it to more lists)

I forward to you a letter from someone, called Circle of Peace - Bosnia.

I've heard of a similar idea here in Denmark. I've read a 'letter to the
editor' sugesting the queen of Denmark, the vice-precident of the National-
Bank (female), and a few other named danish women of money and power to
finance and/or go themselves on a journey like this.

(When I say idea, I mean idea. I don't know of anyone, who is organizing
anything of the sort)

This is just an idea you can take or leave.
Heidbra, Denmark.

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Date: 24 Jul 95 01:11:38 EDT
From: Sandy McCormack <72254.3154 at>
Subject: Circle of Peace-Bosnia

Dear Women of the World,

We have an idea about helping the situation in Bosnia. We propose that the
United Nations send 100,000 - 200,000 women volunteers from throughout the
world and/or the U.S., who are committed to non-violence, to go to Bosnia to
make a circle for peace.

This demonstration would be non-partisan,non-political and non-denominational.
Its sole purpose is to express our love & compassion to all involved in the

We feel that our only hope in situations like Bosnia is to reach to one
another as human beings. *This circle of love would make no judgments,and give
no sermons or speeches.*

If you are willing to volunteer, please send your name, address and phone # to
the United Nations at UN Plaza, New York, New York 10017 and state, "I want to
volunteer for the circle of peace in Bosnia."

This idea belongs to no one, so feel free to use it as your own and to share
it. If you do not want to do this through the UN, then organize a circle for
peace through a group you feel would honor this purpose.

        Love from your friends and fellow travelers.
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