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Thu Jul 27 08:53:26 MDT 1995

John D. Walker, quite reasonably, points out w/ regard to M. Scheetz:

>Though "unusually bright" strikes me as overly charitable...

Of course, of course.  I meant for his type, though.

If I may refine my earlier "Limbaughite" analysis... Bobby strikes me as
the sort of ignorant history or political science major whom one would be
initially surprised to find outside, say, the accounting or business
program of his university.  That is to say, his interest in the liberal
arts would likely strike one as insincere.  On the other hand, he's the
type that'd always be ready to point to his "expertise" in history, e.g.,
to bolster a claim along the lines of "you know, slavery wasn't really that
bad, many blacks were very happy under slavery."  After he took a required
human sexuality class, perhaps from the anthro department, he came to the
conclusion that "men are from mars, chicks suck--I mean, women are from
venus."  Now having had an intro to sociological theory, where his in-depth
exploration of that hopelessly disproven and ridiculous ideology of
Marxism/communism led him to his sophisticated understanding of concepts
like "base/superstructure" (isn't that one from the vault!), he's ready to
pop into the Marxism list for a week or two to stir things up, perhaps for
the amusement of his one or two friends.

I would say that this shows a level of at least initiative--though, you're
right, perhaps not intelligence--greater than his parents' practice of
calling up R.L. every now and again to say "Ditto, Rush!"

Living in the town of the University of Florida, I meet these sort of sad
punks all the time.

-- Matt D.

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