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Thought this might be of interest to the list:

**Hani Memorial Library opened**

(This article is reprinted from the July 29 issue of the
**People's Weekly World**. For subscription information see
below. All rights reserved - may be used with PWW credits.)

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has opened a Memorial
Library in the name of Chris Hani. Hani was the SACP's general
secretary who was assassinated in 1993 by white supremacists.

The SACP has called for donations of "any Socialist/Communist
books, particularly Lenin and Marx because we are running short
of that literature in our country."

The SACP intends the new library to become a "Socialist Resource
Center for our cadres and students."

Donations should be sent to: Inkululeko Publications and
Training, 3rd floor, No. 1 Leyds Street, Braamfontein,
Johannesburg 2001.

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