geography of the working class revisited

Scott Marshall Scott at
Thu Jul 27 19:40:38 MDT 1995

>Re where to read it:
>Wall Street Journal, Chicago tribune (today). if your harvard system has
>a newswire, it will almost certainly be there, also in your boston globe
>or new york times.
>Question was raised - is this a complete merger or a close federation,
>like in the metal workers federation in germany?

My guess is it will be at first more a confederation. They clarified today
that it will take about 3 - 5 years to go thru the different union
conventions to get rank and file approval for the merger. What they signed
today was a letter of intent to merge.

BTW - Geroge Beecker, pres of my union USWA made an interesting comment on
public radio today when asked about why. He said words to the effect that a
2 million member strong union will be a lot more attractive to the rest of
the working class in terms of showing some muscle and leadership in fighting
for all workers. And make the unions more attractive for people to join -
ie: in numbers there is strength - But what is definitly new is projecting
the idea of labor fighting for the whole of the working class. This train is
gathering steam.

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